Welcome to predatororpreyonline.

I am not your average YouTuber – my videos are bound to contain weird ideas, against the grain styles, and profanity… I swear (sometimes lots)

Sharing knowledge, experience, tips and tricks are my primary objectives (all while being safe) but more importantly to have a laugh.

Please like, share and SUBSCRIBE – If you like the videos give a thumbs up

I have a FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/predpreyonline

Now and again there are comps to win spiders

Donations to the channel via paypal = gar_rees@outlook.com

The Predator Or Prey name is no longer a retail business supplying any adult spiders BUT every now and then there may be some excess spiderlings or mature males up for sale here.

I am mainly interested in Asian arboreal species, but I have had success with tarantulas from all over the world… if it’s weird, fast, nasty or just a little brown jobbie – I’ll try breeding ’em…..

I am interested to know about any mature male or immature pairs you may have available.

I can always offer advice- don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

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