Dart Frog Diary

Follow me on my journey…

Thanks for joining me.
My name is Gar, you know me, tarantula enthusiast and YouTuber – www.youtube.com/predatororpreyonline 
I have kept invertebrates for nearly 30 years, but I’ve never kept any amphibians. This is about to change. My dream is to set up and maintain a few bioactive vivaria that will be home to a few pairs/groups of poison dart frogs.
As I am totally new to keeping these there will be a large amount of time dedicated to research and making sure that the vivaria are sustainable and adequate to keep the frogs healthy and happy.
I am based in Swansea, South Wales and I welcome any advice you can offer. My email address is thewildgarbeast@outlook.com
This page is here to document every step of the way.
Stay safe,
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