A box of bonkers from “The Invertabarian”

I wanna thank Adam for sending me a gift, this week. Cheered me up no end. Please head over to Adam’s channel and drop a subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFy4wvAKQcIxgCytD7uqtVA

I will most definitely be sending up a box of ArachnoTube nonsense to you soon.

Apache Chilli (Capsicum annuum) picking off first pod for next years seeds

Capsicum annuum or the Apache Chilli is a very sturdy plant with a high yield. This year I selected a test plant from B&Q just to see how well they do in my greenhouse… the answer is very well indeed.

I’ve set up a second YouTube channel ready for documenting the growth, harvest and chilli sauce making processes. Next year will be full on – greenhouse full of chilli plants. I have started my seed collection that includes some really wicked hot species.

Please check out the youtube channel – I’ll be setting up a website very soon in preparation.

I have found a love for growing plants. I may just be getting old or it was always there lurking. We will see.