Description from A striking slender species from Papua New Guinea with bright orange legs and carapace contrasting against pitch-black femurs and abdomen. Terrestrial Asian species are generally aggressive when threatened they rear up in a threat display and won’t hesitate to bite. These are however in a league of their own and are 6 inches of pure evil. Not only are they fearlessly aggressive but also exceptionally fast so only suitable for experienced keepers. If provoked not only will they bite, they will shoot across your floor, pull the scart lead out your TV and tombstone your cat before disappearing underneath your fridge. They are generally less secretive than other Asians and are often out in the open. They require a moist substrate 10 – 15cm deep to allow burrowing and increase the humidity. They should be kept around 26°c with a 4°c drop in temperature at night.

The #1 top spider I’ve been waiting to add to my collection

Here they are, BIG thank you to Lee at for sorting me out with these bad boys. They are also bonkers! Haha checknout the vid now below or on my YouTube channel.