ArachnoTube Schedule (Moving Forward)

Monday at 7pm will be my weekly video release
Live Chat on the channel EVERY Thursday at 7pm

Also on a Thursday there will be live updates on Instagram and a #ThrowbackThursday video released at 9pm (all UK time)

“Tiny” The Worlds Biggest Tarantula Genus (Theraphosa) Making her EGGSAC! by predatororpreyonline

“Tiny” The Worlds Biggest Tarantula Genus (Theraphosa) Making her EGGSAC! by predatororpreyonline

You’ve just watched our Goliath Birdeater Tarantula (Theraphosa stirmi) making her eggsac. It took over 28 hours of recording, speeded up x100 to make the last portion of this video.
It is a youtube first for this species and was totally nerve-wracking.
She was mated on May 1st 2018 so It’s now over 8 months.

Dynastes hercules reidi (Mystery Box from The Spider Shop)

New arrivals here at predatororpreyonline, A juvenile Selenocosmia sp.”Sabah” and a pair of rhinoceros beetles (Dynastes hercules reidi)

These are the start of a beetle breeding empire (Jokes)

You can watch the full mystery box unboxing video in the youtube window below

I would love to know what different species of beetles you have available for sale

Moving house again…

I seem to have a lot going on at the moment, we’re moving house again and moving the inverts into a new spider room. This is a big task but I’m feeling better about the new room.. it’s even better than the room I have now – laminate flooring so no mess on the carpet. Space may be an issue as it’s either the same size as the present one or even a little smaller (I have a lot of projects coming up)


Rhino/Stag beetle project…

Big beetles are getting more popular in the UK and there are a couple of really good places to get a wide range of species. The problem is it can get really expensive.

The secret to breeding and rearing really big beetles is in the substrate that they eat while developing.

Knowing how to make the best substrate is key. With that in mind I have developed a three year plan that will ensure I have plenty of substrate for each year after.

As a bi-product of using the wood substrates for the beetles it makes for fantastic compost for growing plants and vegetables in the garden.