Theraphosa stirmi (trying to get her to lay an eggsac)

It’s now been six months after pairing the monster in my collection – “The Burgundy Goliath” or Theraphosa stirmi.

I was expecting something to happen by now or at least some indication that she is gravid and preparing herself for eggsac production ie moving earth around or heavy webbing. So far, nothing. It’s time to take matters into my own hands and start making changes to her environment that may spur her on to drop.

In a very “off the cuff” episode from the YouTube channel, you can find out what I’ll be doing and how I’ll go about it.

Episode 2 – “The Dummies Guide to Rhino Beetles” with Questions

Thanks to Dan Cousin for sending in questions – here is the link to his youtube channel

predatororpreyonline YouTube channel –

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Saturday Update 03/11/2018

There are things brewing – through drunken Ebay purchases I seem to be about to receive a mobile podcasting studio haha….. oh yeah, I’m in the bath in this update

YouTube Episode – Making Fermented Flake Soil for Rhino/Stag Beetles

Rhino/Stag Beetles

beetle an Gar

My love of rhinoceros and stag beetles is nearly as strong as my love for spiders (very close)

The picture above is of the day I found a giant rhino beetle statue in the centre of Bristol – look at the smile on my face! Haha, I was gobsmacked and it made my evening.



Live food? Where do I recommend?

I get asked quite a lot “where do you get your roaches from?”. I have used the same guy now for 3 years or more – Live Foods Tamworth.


I give them a 5/5 dead roach review rating and highly recommend them to anyone.5 star dead roach

You are able to watch my review video below and make your mind up for yourself


Dynastes hercules reidi (Mystery Box from The Spider Shop)

New arrivals here at predatororpreyonline, A juvenile Selenocosmia sp.”Sabah” and a pair of rhinoceros beetles (Dynastes hercules reidi)

These are the start of a beetle breeding empire (Jokes)

You can watch the full mystery box unboxing video in the youtube window below

I would love to know what different species of beetles you have available for sale

Moving house again…

I seem to have a lot going on at the moment, we’re moving house again and moving the inverts into a new spider room. This is a big task but I’m feeling better about the new room.. it’s even better than the room I have now – laminate flooring so no mess on the carpet. Space may be an issue as it’s either the same size as the present one or even a little smaller (I have a lot of projects coming up)