Theraphosa stirmi (trying to get her to lay an eggsac)

It’s now been six months after pairing the monster in my collection – “The Burgundy Goliath” or Theraphosa stirmi.

I was expecting something to happen by now or at least some indication that she is gravid and preparing herself for eggsac production ie moving earth around or heavy webbing. So far, nothing. It’s time to take matters into my own hands and start making changes to her environment that may spur her on to drop.

In a very “off the cuff” episode from the YouTube channel, you can find out what I’ll be doing and how I’ll go about it.

Episode 2 – “The Dummies Guide to Rhino Beetles” with Questions

Thanks to Dan Cousin for sending in questions – here is the link to his youtube channel

predatororpreyonline YouTube channel –

Email your questions to

Saturday Update 03/11/2018

There are things brewing – through drunken Ebay purchases I seem to be about to receive a mobile podcasting studio haha….. oh yeah, I’m in the bath in this update

YouTube Episode – Making Fermented Flake Soil for Rhino/Stag Beetles

Rhino/Stag Beetles

beetle an Gar

My love of rhinoceros and stag beetles is nearly as strong as my love for spiders (very close)

The picture above is of the day I found a giant rhino beetle statue in the centre of Bristol – look at the smile on my face! Haha, I was gobsmacked and it made my evening.



Live food? Where do I recommend?

I get asked quite a lot “where do you get your roaches from?”. I have used the same guy now for 3 years or more – Live Foods Tamworth.


I give them a 5/5 dead roach review rating and highly recommend them to anyone.5 star dead roach

You are able to watch my review video below and make your mind up for yourself


Dynastes hercules reidi (Mystery Box from The Spider Shop)

New arrivals here at predatororpreyonline, A juvenile Selenocosmia sp.”Sabah” and a pair of rhinoceros beetles (Dynastes hercules reidi)

These are the start of a beetle breeding empire (Jokes)

You can watch the full mystery box unboxing video in the youtube window below

I would love to know what different species of beetles you have available for sale

Moving house again…

I seem to have a lot going on at the moment, we’re moving house again and moving the inverts into a new spider room. This is a big task but I’m feeling better about the new room.. it’s even better than the room I have now – laminate flooring so no mess on the carpet. Space may be an issue as it’s either the same size as the present one or even a little smaller (I have a lot of projects coming up)


Rhino/Stag beetle project…

Big beetles are getting more popular in the UK and there are a couple of really good places to get a wide range of species. The problem is it can get really expensive.

The secret to breeding and rearing really big beetles is in the substrate that they eat while developing.

Knowing how to make the best substrate is key. With that in mind I have developed a three year plan that will ensure I have plenty of substrate for each year after.

As a bi-product of using the wood substrates for the beetles it makes for fantastic compost for growing plants and vegetables in the garden.

Eastern Invert Show- Bedford 16th September

As the title suggests there is a tarantula and invertebrate exhibition this Sunday 16th September in Bedford.

It will be one of the largest shows in the UK (definitely biggest this year)

All the details can be found on the invert shows UK Facebook page or watch the video below

Sunday is Aphonopelma day..

Today’s video is the first to incorporate the use of my new green screen. I’m most definitely still learning, but it is a very cool effect.

Aphonopelma chalcodes, Aphonopelma seemanni and Theraphosa stirmi are showcased in this video. I also point out some problems in their enclosures with mould and spot maintenance.

I got a little pressie from a fellow youtuber – Peter Webster

With thanks to Peter for sending me five assassin bug nymphs. They are totally awesome and pretty damn quick. You can see me opening the box in the link below, I’m sure they will feature heavily in my upcoming videos.

You can view the video on youtube by clicking the link —> CLICK ME!

Western Invert Show in Bristol (22nd July)


The Bristol invert show is one month away and excitement is building. This is a very well organised exhibition on the outskirts of Bristol, making it only 90mins drive door to door.

I will be heading over early to get some filming done – I’ve been given a traders pass from Lee @ thespidershop and have to make sure I concentrate and don’t get too distracted by the spiders/traders, to begin with.

I will be there all day until close so please come say hello, if you spot me. I’m not as miserable as my face would show.

I will be keeping my eye open for some weird bits and bobs – I fancy some true spiders and some scorpions… maybe even a couple of tailless whips.

Development of new spider room…

I’ve had a plan to relocate the spider room from our converted attic to a downstairs bedroom (unused).

The reason for the move is that the attic is a very large space to heat in the winter, and due to the velox windows, absolutely boiling hot in the summer.


I measured the new room and bought a few heavy duty shelves. As you can see from the pic above, I assembled the shelving units in my bedroom- just to see if there was any issues with missing parts or damage (bedroom as it’s next to the spare room and has lots of space)


Finished off doing the heavy lifting, moving beds and wardrobes, and then gave it all a good spring clean (when do you get the opportunity to do a deep clean under furniture?)


Pretty happy with the results. Watch this space for tarantula breeding – I’m gonna smash my PB.


Pterinoplema sazimai Update #2

I checked in on the sazimai eggsack and it’s looking really good, the nymphs are getting ready to moult into spiderlings. I’m sure they will be done within the next 2-3 weeks – really taking their time, I’ve been told that they don’t do anything quickly!

The male returned from his travels and is still making sperm webs and pacing like a trooper. I hope I can keep him alive for a few more weeks at least as the big momma female moulted, looking cracking.


I wasn’t expecting for the male to return at all… he’s getting on in age and has serviced two females very well. I sent him to Johnny Power from The Tarantula Factory, his female dropped a sack about a month after mine. Johnny separated the N2’s as we have a 50/50 agreement on any slings produced – he counted 387 each!


I still have no idea how many are in my eggsack as I’ve not removed them, I just leave them inside the sack – this seems to provide them with security and helps to regulate the humidity inside the incubator…. each to their own/ whatever works for you.


As you can see above, the mirror patch on the abdomen is developing and darkening. This is a good indication of how close they are to moulting into spiderlings (this is the start of their urticating bristles developing under the exoskeleton)

I am still running a competition on the channel to win 5 of these spiderlings – just guess how many there will be from my females eggsack and I will send you some for free.


New Logo…

As many of you are aware, I really don’t like my current logo and made a request on the channel, Twitter and Instagram – the response was incredible!

Over 40 graphic designers contacted me on various platforms and making a choice was extremely difficult. I decided to go with Mark Pennell (Serious Ink Tattoo/The BTS) – I’ve seen his work and it’s incredible.

I’m not too sure when the design will be ready to show you guys but I’m excited.

Keep an eye out for a reveal soon.

For those of you who have bought popo merch, don’t worry, both designs will be available on the store page for you to choose.


Gar’s Drunk Mailbag

I have a problem with drunken ebay’ing. I am not ever going to be seeking counselling for it – it is hilarious to me. Read my bio, I once bought a taxidermy owl and had no idea.

This weekend wasn’t as bad as all that but there are quite a large number of packages due to arrive this week…. it’s given me an idea for a segment on the channel.

If you want to send me random stuff (the more random the better) I will open them on camera. Please no animals without prior arrangements.

Send to

Gar’s Drunk Mailbag

29 Pantygwydr Road





Live stream – 20th April. Theraphosa stirmi (Burgundy Goliath)

subscribe-png-39376 (1)

I will be going live on the youtube channel to pair Theraphosa stirmi – the Burgundy Goliath.

I have no idea what will happen.

It will be an evening of mating spiders and a few beers. If you have any questions for me here is the chance to fire them over.

Subscribe to the channel to receive a notification for the stream

Finally, I have my holy grail tarantula…again

After some delays due to weather, the shipment for the Ornithoctoninae sp.”Kalimantan” arrived. I travelled to West Wales to rummage through the pile and pick out my pair.

I will write a big blog of my day at later next week but for now, I have a two-part video segment on the YouTube channel. The first has been published and is available below, the second part, and the fun part, will upload tomorrow morning. I’ll be sure to update this post after.



And here is the second part of the series – enjoy.

Gar’s Holy Grail Spider – Ornithoctoninae sp “Kalimantan”

I first came into contact with a possible relative to this species over nine years ago. They came in a large shipment from Borneo and were then labelled as Ornithoctoninae G. sp. “Orange Fringe”. Sometimes as Haplopelma doriae but this was unconfirmed.

My last experience with them was in 2013 when I got my hands on a 1.2 trio (Two females and one male) The smallest female with a 16cm diagonal legspan died promptly from unknown reasons after laying an eggsack – the eggsack then went bad soon after.


It has been a personal mission to breed this species ever since. I know of only a few successful eggsacks.

While checking The Spider Shop’s website (as I do most days when bored) and noticed a post for sub adults at £69 each, I messaged my friend Lee Arden (Owner of TSS) immediately to secure a pair. I have no idea if there will be any males in the shipment but I am travelling back over to TSS HQ to rummage through the new arrivals and attempt to pick a male out for myself – this may prove very difficult as they are one of the most defensive species in the world …. absolute beasts that will test anyone’s bottle.

To say that I am excited is an understatement – I thought that I’d missed my chance and that I may never have seen another again.  I will be thoroughly documenting this species on the YouTube channel and on here.

BTS lectures are fast approaching

The annual British Tarantula Society lectures, held at the Aztec hotel in Bristol, are fast approaching and I am starting to get excited. The 10th of March can’t come quick enough.

If you have never been (or never knew it happened) I can honestly say that it is the best tarantula event of the year, second only to the BTS expo in May.

Last year was a good one in particular – I thoroughly enjoyed Richard Gallon’s lecture on theraphosid taxonomy (I know, not for everyone) and Guy/Paul’s lecture on documenting tarantula spiders in the field.

The after lecture dinner was broken up by Andrew Smith documentary on the history of the BTS and it was fun seeing the pics of expo’s past…. even if I did pop up in a couple of them and cringe (it’s never good seeing yourself on film from nearly a decade ago)

I will post a full review of this year’s lecture once I get home and my hangover has passed.

Pterinopelma sazimai update

I noticed something happening out of the corner of my eye while editing Fridays video. Our Pterinopelma sazimai has now laid her first section of web in the bowl shape for eggsack construction.
This is the first eggsack I’ve ever had from this species so I am quite excited (as you would imagine)
I have all my fingers and toes crossed for a decent sack.
I will feature her on a full upcoming video but I just had to film a small one and share it with you guys!

The girl done good.

YouTube Update…

So for the last few months, I have been concentrating on the YouTube channel. It’s been going OK so far, we are increasing our subscribers and getting some decent vid views for a small startup channel.

Getting close to the 100 subs and 10,000 views that I aimed to get by the end of 2017, it is a lot harder than I expected it to be, to be honest, and I did expect the channel to take off a bit quicker than it is. That being said my editing and video skills are improving and content is having some positive feedback. I have a good idea on what equipment I need to improve even further and I feel like it will all click soon.

I get my best views when I run a small competition to win some spiders so I published my second comp vid today.

Here’s my latest video for a reference

Spider Chat on Skype (No Sales)

I am fed up of being limited by what you can do with facebook messenger – either it lags or you are unable to establish a stable connection.

I miss the old days of spider chat rooms like the T store so I decided to create an open Skype group for swapping tips, tricks, knowledge and pic

Anyone can add themselves to the group and chat about anything spider related – only one rule – spammers or sales posts will be removed asap. By all means add a link to where you are selling a spider if there is interest.

Here’s the link :

We “warmed the hoose” well!

About six weeks ago I sent out a facebook event invitation to come and help us christen the new house

“There is a new hoose that needs a party.

Bring yourselves and whatever you need to bring…. There will be beer and BBQ….. we may even cater for Vegans as long as you dont talk about it, you boring fucks!….. jokes – no Vegans! (jokes… or am I?)

People that are travelling are welcome to stay, there are sofas and a spare room in HQ – arachnophobes may be fucked.

not really sellling this well but it will be a riiot. Musicians bring your shit.

Many loves,

Gar, Claire, Ivans, Aly and the animals”


It got messy quickly



party1 on YouTube

We have now linked a YouTube Channel to our website – please head over and subscribe (it’s making me sad only having the one subscriber haha)
I have plans for live streaming and general regular updates – would love to hear what you would like to see on the channel. you can drop your suggestions to me at or click the “contact us” button on the page/website