My BugBook! – Next generation of invert social media?

Nick says ;
For The equivalent of £3 a month at full subscription rate you get…
No data tracking by Google AdSense.
No weird adverts in your feed that don’t apply to you.
A continuously evolving social media platform.
Access to a quarterly newsletter (depending on subscription level).
Access to the on-line wildlife book (depending upon subscription level).
COMPLETE freedom to create for sale posts, for ANY exotic pet (reptiles, amphibians and inverts with the prices without fear of groups being deleted).
A safe haven for REGISTERED re-homing facilities to post details about their animals desperate for forever loving homes.
All the world’s traders (well, the ones who want to take part) in one place, and easy to find.
The subscription fee is going to discourage rogue traders and illegal brown boxers, who will be removed from the platform – they won’t want to be forking out £36 a time to create new fake profiles!
With all that in the equation, is it not actually a great deal?
And besides, the servers we are going to need for this as it grows will be very expensive, and so will the teams of people we will need to employ in time for back end web mastering, development and engineering, and dealing with user enquiries and needs.

I’m loving it!
With FaceBook shutting done pages and removing sales posts without warning we are going to need to swap if we want to keep trading online.

I’m suggesting that you just give it a try – use the link below and have a nose through the book

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