Cleaning The Singapore Blue Tarantula enclosure (Omothymus violaceopes)

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One of the most beautiful arboreal Tarantulas available. In you can imagine a 20cm+ metallic purple / blue spider with long red hairs and pink toes you nearly there! There appears to be a very low ratio of females to males in egg sacks (1 female to every 5 males so I have been told) so females are hard to come by. I have yet to see a photograph do this species justice, we tried for hours but never really got a perfect match, the photos just don’t seem to capture the purple only the blue. This species needs to be kept in a relatively large arboreal set up with vertical hides. They also like quite dark enclosures. Spiderlings tend to burrow until bigger. This species is a must for all arboreal and Asian keepers or anyone who just likes stunning spiders!

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