Pterinoplema sazimai Update #2

I checked in on the sazimai eggsack and it’s looking really good, the nymphs are getting ready to moult into spiderlings. I’m sure they will be done within the next 2-3 weeks – really taking their time, I’ve been told that they don’t do anything quickly!

The male returned from his travels and is still making sperm webs and pacing like a trooper. I hope I can keep him alive for a few more weeks at least as the big momma female moulted, looking cracking.


I wasn’t expecting for the male to return at all… he’s getting on in age and has serviced two females very well. I sent him to Johnny Power from The Tarantula Factory, his female dropped a sack about a month after mine. Johnny separated the N2’s as we have a 50/50 agreement on any slings produced – he counted 387 each!


I still have no idea how many are in my eggsack as I’ve not removed them, I just leave them inside the sack – this seems to provide them with security and helps to regulate the humidity inside the incubator…. each to their own/ whatever works for you.


As you can see above, the mirror patch on the abdomen is developing and darkening. This is a good indication of how close they are to moulting into spiderlings (this is the start of their urticating bristles developing under the exoskeleton)

I am still running a competition on the channel to win 5 of these spiderlings – just guess how many there will be from my females eggsack and I will send you some for free.


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